"Paper Craft Africa produces beautiful hand made paper in Uganda using only natural raw materials"

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Recycled Products

Welcome to our Recycled Products

Recycled Products

All Recycled Products that We Make


  1. Calendars
  2. Wedding Invitations
  3. Notebooks & Journals
  4. Writing Sets
  5. Menu Covers
  6. Folders
  7. Gift boxes & Gift Bags
  8. Corporate Gifts
  9. Photo Frames
  10. Photo Albums (natural pages or plastic pockets)
  11. Jewellery made from recycled glass
  12. Natural soaps

Choose your own Cover:

  • we use strong natural papers e.g 100% B/F, 100% e.g, 100% P/T with your choice of image which we usually print onto an additional piece of hand made paper and stick this onto the cover.
  • we can also use avocado leaves, bamboo leaves, banana leaves or bark cloth

Choose your own Designs and Decorations:

  • choose from our range of printed images e.g African lady, giraffe, ele & baby, crested crane, ghecko, foot prints, zebra, African hut, mothe and child, Ugandan ladies, daises, butterfly, etc...
  • create your own design
  • have fun layering different types of paper,
  • frame your company logo with a smart and powerful border
  • give your gift a crafty feel and use paper with torn edges and earthy colors.

We also decorate Paper Craft products using:

  • glass beads,
  • recycled paper beads
  • raffia stitches
  • cow bone animals e.g giraffe, elephant, rhino, zebra etc...
  • brass or aluminum discs
  • dried flowers and or leaves

Choose your Paper Pages:

  • recycled paper mixed with B/F, E/G, or P/T (white)
  • recycled card board mixed with B/F, E/G, or P/T (brown)

Notebooks / Journals


A6 (11cm x 15.5cm)
A5 (14.5cm x 21cm)
A3 (29cm x 40cm)
Square (30cm x 30cm)

Photo Albums with plastic pockets

Choose the following sizes:

  • 24 pockets
  • 64 pockets
  • 96 pockets
  • 100 pockets - with white paper margin to write on
  • 200 pockets - with white paper margin to write on
  • 300 pockets - with white paper margin to write on

Writing Sets

Our standard writing set is a folder that has 10 x A5 (15cm x 20cm) sheets of hand made paper (decorated with an image of your choice) and 10 x A6 (10cm x 15cm) hand made
paper envelopes. You can choose to have as many or as few sheets of paper and
envelopes as you would like.

The Folder can be made from the following paper:

100% B/F, 100% E/G, 100% P/T, recycled cardboard or recycled paper.

Writing Paper:

We recommend a combination of recycled cardboard, or recycled paper with either
elephant grass, banana fibers or pineapple tops. 100% paper is too tough to write on and better used for outer covers, cards and folders.
- You can also choose any color - (see range of dyed papers).


  • dried flowers and leaves are lovely
  • assorted prints e.g. African lady, giraffe, ele & baby, crested crane, ghecko, foot prints, zebra, African hut, etc...

Cards for all Occaisions

We make our cards with an additional inlay of the smoothest hand made
paper (usually recycled paper or cardboard and fibers) which we stitch to the inside of the card using raffia (making it easier for you to write your message in).

  • Our standard cards are 10cm x 14cm but we can make them any size you want.
  • We can also make cards out of bright factory
    paper, decorated with handmade paper and a hand made paper inlay.
  • Choose your own text or leave it blank

Corporate stationery

Corporate stationery looks great made out of hand made paper. It can help a company to stand out from the crowd, AND it shows that you are supporting a sustainable and
environmentally friendly business and that is always good for PR!

Customized Orders:


  • stitched with Raffia
  • closed binding which is solid and used on thick books

Photo Albums with Natural Papers inside

Size, Cover & Designs:

  • choose from the same sizes, designs and covers that are mentioned above for the the stitched albums with open binding.
  • tracing paper is inserted between the pages to prevent photos sticking together
  • 100% B/F paper is recommended as the inside pages due to its strength.
  • you may also choose factory made brown card for the inside pages.

Recycled Glass Jewellery

The Process:

Glass is first sorted by color and then pulverized using a metal ,mortar and pestle. The glass sand is poured into bead molds, inserted into a wood fired kiln for 20-30 minutes until the sand melts into molten balls of liquid glass.

The molds are removed and the glass are quickly pierced with a metal skewers creating the center of the bead. The molds are then left to cool before being cleaned and crafted into jewellery.

The beads are rough, unique and utterly beautiful as each shows the hand-made trademark of each artist that labored over them.


Handmade Natural Soaps

Our selection of soaps available in presentation gift packs or individually includes:

  • Sweet Basil and Aloe
  • Ginger G-nut and clove
  • Lemongrass and Loofah
  • Rosemary and Eucalyptus
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Vanilla and Shea