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Paper Craft Africa is a community based organization empowering the most socially disadvantage people in one of the suburbs of Uganda in Wakiso district. All our products are from recycled raw materials and natural products. Take a look!

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Recycled Paper Products

1. Calendars
2. Wedding Invitations
3. Notebooks & Journals
4. Writing Sets
5. Menu Covers
6. Folders
7. Gift boxes & Gift Bags
8. Corporate Gifts
9. Photo Frames
10. Photo Albums (natural pages or plastic pockets)

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Natural Handmade Soap

Our selection of soaps available in presentation gift packs or individually includes:

1. Sweet Basil and Aloe
2. Ginger G-nut and clove
3. Lemongrass and Loofah
4. Rosemary and Eucalyptus
5. Cinnamon
6. Honey
7. Vanilla and Shea

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Recycled Glass Products

Chairs, Juice Jugs, Earing Baskets, Decanter Glasses,
Star Fish Glasses, Paper Weight Glasses, Vase Glasses
Mburo Glasses, Big Vase Glasses, Tumbler Glasses,
Milk Jugs, Wine Glasses, Unique Candle Holders
Bowls, Platters, Serving Dishes, Wine Glasses,
Decanter Glasses, Blind Jugs, Ice Cream Bowls,
Globlet Glasses, T-Light Holders, Round Glasses,
Mattini Glasses, Flower Pots, Sunshine Glasses,
Tororo Glasses, Cake Platters & Dishes,
Animal Glassbanks, Flower Glasses,
Olive Dishes

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Five Reasons to Work with Us

1. Natural
2. Eco-friendly
3. Sustainable
4. Fair Trade
5. Recycled.

The Natural Way to Make Paper Products

1. Banana fibers, pineapple tops and elephant grass are cut into small pieces and boiled for 8 hours.
2. When the fibers are soft they are blended and recycled paper is sometimes added to create different textures and colors of paper.
3. The pulp is mixed in large water containers and is removed using screens made of mosquito mesh.
4. These racks, covered in the pulp, are then put in the sun to dry.
5. The dry sheets of paper are removed from the screens and put into a press to squash them flat

So Why Choose Us?

1. Non-Profit for socially disadvantage Ugandans, especially women.
2. Addional Income to local farmers by buying their agro-waste
3. Self-Sufficient and sustainable organization with no external funding

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Call Us Now!
+256 772 986 957
We Are Open 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday

Akright Stage Namulanda Entebbe Road
Bwebajja, Entebbe Municipality
Wakiso District,Uganda

Free Delivery within Kampala and Entebbe
on orders over $100

Returns Accepted
within the first 14 days after purchase if products were not damaged